Better Safe than Sorry

Who is In Petto?

In Petto is a reliable, independent and neutral party specialised in B2B services which are based on trust and focused to:

  • minimize dependency and risk in daily business activities
  • maximize internet visibility

These services are meant to effectively help customers to:

  • secure the continuity of use of their critical ICT applications
  • protect their business interests and data while they are liable to risks and damage
  • let those persons find their website who are searching for them

What do we offer?

In Petto operates as a trusted third-party delivering the following services:

Why should you need these services?

  • You don’t need a doorkeeper, you need a Certificate Authority (CA)

    What is a doorkeeper?
    If you only want to welcome people to your party who are invited, you can put a doorkeeper at the gate to check their credentials. Maybe you are satisfied if they give the agreed password, but then you take the risk someone could have traced it. To be really sure you let ask for their personal invitation which you have sent them beforehand. In case of virtual situations as websites are, you should choose for digital certificates issued and verified by a Certificate Authority.

  • You don’t need to rely on good faith, you need Software Escrow

    What is good faith?
    Naively supposing that when you buy a new car it will last forever, and that you will never need new car parts or maintenance carried out by someone who knows how the car was constructed. Don’t you worry that the continuity of use of your critical software applications is in risk because you can’t be sure they will be maintained whenever necessary?

  • You don’t need miracles, you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    What is a miracle?
    A miracle is a perceptible interruption of the laws of nature. In casual usage, miracle may also refer to any statistically unlikely but beneficial event.
    If you are a believer of unknown, outside forces, you can sit down and wait till the expected conversions are happening at your website. If that doesn't work, you can think about hiring a professional SEO consultant.